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Repost: Some thoughts on writing and speaking

Language is no more than a medium. If it is perfectly clear and pure, we don’t notice it any more than we notice pure air when the sun is shining in a clear sky, or the taste of pure cool water when we drink a glass on a hot day. Unless the sun is shining, […]

Repost: Book Review–Quo Vadis, Israel? by H. Peter Nenhaus

H. Peter Nennhaus Quo Vadis, Israel? Outskirts Press Inc., 2008, 113 pages, $11.95 ISBN: 978 -1- 4327- 1459 – 8 Current Events, Jewish

“Within the turmoil of fears, fury, self-righteous fervor and demonization, nobody in Israel worth his salt would willingly embark on a campaign of atonement.”

As I began reading Nennhaus’s book I had […]

Repost: Book Review–Lifeliner:The Judy Taylor Story by Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Shireen Jeejeebhoy Lifeliner: The Judy Taylor Story iUniverse, 2007, 186 pages, #16.95 ISBN: 978-0-44544-8 Nonfiction, Biography

“This is my third date with the knife,” she jokes as she sees the surgical resident come in to prep her on the afternoon of October 21. “You ought to put a zipper in. It’d be much easier to […]

Repost: Can America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack?

As the election campaigns [of 2008] strengthen and get closer I would like to bring an important topic to consider. Many find an easy scapegoat in the small country of Israel but could a country as large as the United States fare any better under the attacks of terrorism.

Read the article and then follow […]

Repost: VBT Guest Blogger–Lea Schizas discusses her book Rock of Realm

Before I welcome Lea to join us, I must say that if you haven’t yet met her, you’ve been missing out. Lea is one incredible woman. Lea is everything to everyone who knows her. From the members of the Muse Online Conference to the members of her many critique groups she is known as the […]

Repost: Improve your vocabulary in a unique fun way

Everyone can make a difference in a simple, fun and unique manner.

I just donated 920 grains of rice to feed the poor, practiced my vocabulary for the day, and had fun doing it.

The best part is – it cost me absolutely nothing.

You too can help feed the poor by providing this staple […]

Repost: Guest Blogger–Magdalena Ball

Join me in welcoming Maggie to Gloria’s Corner. Today Maggie will share some information on preventing teens from taking the wrong road. Enjoy!

How to prevent your child from taking a wrong turn In my novel Sleep Before Evening, a brilliant prodigy teenager named Marianne finds herself slipping down the treacherous path of heroin addiction. […]

Repost: Interview with Karina Fabian, author of Infinite Space, Infinite God

Well, it’s a bit late but as one says, better late than never, so finally after a 10 day delay here is the interview with Karina. . .

Welcome back to my blog, Karina. I must say that it is always a pleasure to get emails from you. I believe you are quite a bit […]

Repost: Guest Blogger–Joyce Anthony with some Important Information


Welcome Joyce Anthony, our guest blogger for today. Joyce has some urgent and important information to share with as many people as she can possibly reach. . .

And now I will turn over the soap box to Joyce Anthony.

Stop the Slaughter

Returning home from a routine trip to the library on Friday, […]

Repost: Drug your child to stop him from talking?

A Continental Express flight attendant did just that.

First she advised the mother to give her child Benadryl to quiet him down. What! How low are the airlines and their crews going to go? Especially, when the child wasn’t crying, screaming or throwing a tantrum. I am shocked. Since when can a flight attendant order […]