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Interview with Mary Jo Nickum, Author of Mom’s Story

I’d like to introduce you to an author who is also in my critique group (and no, I had not critiqued this project). Welcome, Mary, glad you could join me here today. I’ve posted a book review of your book below, but I thought it would be fun to also have my readers get to […]

Book Review–Mom’s Story: a Child Learns About MS by Mary Jo Nickum

Mary Jo Nickum Mom’s Story: a Child Learns About MS Chalet Publishers, 2009, 74 pages, $9.95 ISBN: 978-098408365-7 Fiction

“I found Mom sitting on the floor and I rushed to her as she started to get up.”

Amy, the youngest child of three children was worried, scared, and puzzled about what was happening to her […]

Red Hot Internet Publicity: an insider’s guide to marketing

Penny C. Sansevieri Red Hot Internet Publicity: an insider’s guide to marketing your book on the Internet Cosimo Books, 2009, 275 pages, $18.95 ISBN: 978-1-60520-724-7 (Nonfiction, publicity, marketing)

“Nowadays, it’s no longer a matter of whether you can get published, it’s a matter of getting you book noticed.”

Sansevieri covers everything an author needs to […]