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Headlines 101

Headlines are the short lines of text that catches our eyes and makes us want to read an article, press release, etc. But how does one go about creating effective headlines? In this short introduction to headlines I’ll try to show you.

Functions of Headlines

Headlines developed from mere labels indicating the kind of reading […]

Editing 101

The reading and editing of copy consists of any or all of the following five tasks:

(1) Correcting all errors in word usage or in facts.

(2) Ensuring the story conforms to the “style” used by the publication or publisher.

(3) Improving the story when needed.

(4) Catching and eliminating libelous matter.

(5) Writing or […]

Just found–awesome online movie creator

You have to check out this awesome Movie Maker by xtranormal.com To test it out I created this short movie. What do you think? Is it awesome or not?