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Friday Featured Blogger – Tonya Callihan

Today’s featured blogger is Tonya Callihan of Tonya’s Ramblings blog.

Tonya has been writing all of her life. At the age of 13, on Christmas break she snuck one of her mom’s romances from a box brought over by her grandma. The novel she read was ‘Montana Sky’ by Nora Roberts. Once she finished […]

Question of the Week

How would you run an online crowd funding campaign that needs to be kept a secret from the recipient?

Come up with an answer and you might become a winner.


Wednesday Writer Spotlight – Mike Ward

Welcome back. Join me in welcoming Mike Ward to my blog today. He’s here today to talk to you about his new book Sam and the Sea Witch from MuseItYoung. Mike is a writer, artist, garment printer, teacher, husband, and father of three. Mike says, “it was my night school English tutor who recognized my […]

Friday Featured Blogger – Margaret Fieland

Thanks for stopping by. Today’s featured blogger is Margaret Fieland who blogs over at Margaret Fieland Unique Visions where she talks about science fiction, poetry, and more.

One thing I have in common with Margaret, is that I too was born and raised in New York. Not sure which corner of New York she was […]

Question of the Week

Will the general public ever truly understand adoption and the people it affects?

Please leave your answers in the comments section below. One commenter will be chosen to win a packet of Dead Sea Mineral bath salts.


Wednesday Writer Spotlight: Interview with Dr. Bob Rich

Today I want to welcome Dr. Bob Rich to Gloria’s Corner. Dr. Bob calls

himself a writer, a mudsmith, and a psychologist. Dr. Bob Rich is a

past winner of both the EPIC award and the Golden Web Awards. He is

here today to talk with us about his latest novel Ascending Spiral.


I’ve […]

Friday Featured Blogger – Penny Ehrenkranz

Join me today in welcoming Penny Ehrenkranz to Gloria’s Corner as my featured blogger.

If I recall correctly I met Penny through the Muse Online Conference when it first began.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz has published more than 100 articles, 75 stories, a chapbook, and her stories have been included in two anthologies. She […]

Question of the week

Have you ever experienced a period of timelessness that allowed for effortless creativity?

One commenter will be chosen as winner of a packet of Dead Sea Mineral bath salts.


Book Review: The Mind of Thuse!! by Linda Smarzik

Linda Smarzik

The Mind of Thuse!! Thriving within effortlessness

One Breath Village, 2013, 197 pages, $24.95

ISBN: 978-0-9843674-4-3


“…people are the most alive, most vibrant, and most content when they can readily access their process of creativity leading to effortlessness on a regular basis—regardless of the specific activity.”

In The Mind of Thuse!! […]

Wednesday Writer Spotlight: Interview with Stan Hampton Sr.

Today we are welcoming our first Wednesday Writer Spotlight guest Stan Hampton Sr. who is touring his eBook Better than a Rabbit’s Foot, published by Muse It Up Publishing. Here is a bit about Stan and the cover of the book, before we move on to an interview with him and an excerpt from […]