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About Gloria

GLORIA OREN is an author, an award winning  editor,  and non-fiction book reviewer.

A graduate of  the Long Ridge Writers Group’s “Breaking Into Print” course, Gloria writes about serious topics of life in an easy to understand, engaging manner.

She is a member of:

AuthorBound – Advisory Panel

MuseItUpClub – Member and Moderator of the non-fiction Alpha Musers critique group

Redmond Association of SPokenword (RASP) – Member and participant in the Open Mike Series

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar(SPOGG)

Gloria is currently seeking a home for her adoption memoir relating the story of her life as an adoptee, and her challenging, successful search that led to her reuniting with her birth mother and members of her paternal birth family.

People say she’s a woman of many hats and that’s probably true. She’s a daughter, wife, mother of three, cancer survivor, reunited adoptee, baby boomer, oldest of ten birth siblings combined, raised as an only child, data entry clerk, avid reader and writer.

Gloria writes non-fiction articles (personal experience, parenting, senior issues . . . ).

Gloria and her family currently reside  in Washington state.

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