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Book Review–Mom’s Story: a Child Learns About MS by Mary Jo Nickum

Mary Jo Nickum
Mom’s Story: a Child Learns About MS
Chalet Publishers, 2009, 74 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 978-098408365-7

“I found Mom sitting on the floor and I rushed
to her as she started to get up.”

Amy, the youngest child of three children was
worried, scared, and puzzled about what was
happening to her mother. First she had fallen,
then she dropped a plate of food, and complained
of eye pain. Something was wrong, Amy knew
this but didn’t know what.

Kelly and Tony, Amy’s twin siblings were worried
too. They all hoped the doctors could find what
was causing all of these changes in their mother.

Sent to a neurologist for testing, Amy’s mother
was finally given an answer. She had Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) and would have to make certain
adjustments but she wasn’t going to die. This
news was a great relief for all three youngsters
and her husband.

This is a book every parent with MS needs. It
provides a clear explanation which a child can

Nickum’s style is simple and clear in words a
young reader can grasp. I loved the way Nickum
shows a frightened young child facing the unknown
that is taking place right in front of them. Although
this is a book for children, I learned a lot
about MS.

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