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Book Review: Norma Jean’s Sun by Kris Courtney

Norma Jean’s Sun
Kris Courtney
Charleston, SC
Harvard Girl Word Services
First edition
287 pages
ISBN: 05780205099 or 978-0578020594

“It took every ounce of medical training and experience for
the doctor to summon the courage [to tell the parents] the
circumstances demanded.”

Norma had what anyone could call a normal birthing, but it
was far from being normal. She was frustrated that she
couldn’t see her child. Why? What was wrong with him? Why
wouldn’t they show him to her? It seems that the doctor required
time to contemplate the best way to relate all the medical issues
the infant presented with, not an easy thing for the doctor to do,
sometimes. In addition, he had to consider the parents, how
would they respond to what he tells them.

The doctor presented the following picture of the infant – “a
fetal congenital disfigurement of all external limbs and members
associated,” no extension or tendon in knee and ankle, no toes,
ninety degree inward curved foot, shifted organs, and would
need multiple corrective surgeries. How would you as a new
parent respond to news like this? I would probably have fallen
apart. Not Norma Jean, though, she put all her heart into caring
for her son.

A roller coaster life of surgeries, moves, his dad leaving and a
new dad coming into the picture, yet with all that, after all that
he’s gone through Kris emerged sane and even with a sense of
humor. After all what young lad who had to deal with what Kris
dealt with would set out to sell shoes? To Kris it was excitement
of an additional opportunity. To be able to find the positive in
all things is a virtue and one that Kris bears well.

Kris Courtney is a true artist who paints his world in words. He
wrote this book as a tribute to the grandmother and the mother he
loved. His picture is one of hardship and suffering that would make
many cringe, but amazingly Kris looks on the bright side of life and
the positive side in all things.

I’m honored to have met Kris through his book, and to have the
opportunity to review it. By purchasing his book you will not only
make him happy, but  you’ll also be supporting research for
Parkinson’s Disease and Colon Cancer, the illnesses that killed his
grandmother and mother, as a percentage of the sales profit is going
toward these causes.

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