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Book Review: The Mind of Thuse!! by Linda Smarzik

Linda Smarzik

The Mind of Thuse!! Thriving within effortlessness

One Breath Village, 2013, 197 pages, $24.95

ISBN: 978-0-9843674-4-3


“…people are the most alive, most vibrant, and most content when they
can readily access their process of creativity leading to effortlessness on a
regular basis—regardless of the specific activity.”

In The Mind of Thuse!! Linda Smarzik shows how consistent, regular effort in any endeavor leads to effortlessness and timelessness. Remember activities you’ve done where once you get involved time seems to fly past you so quickly you don’t even notice– timelessness.

To achieve true effortlessness, Smarzik claims one must first de-stress because stress affects the ability to function effortlessly. Stress is a known adverse aspect in many health issues as well as a deterrent to the well being of the mental perspective of the one overtaken by it. De-stressing isn’t the easiest undertaking because we create our own stress through our own valid or invalid perceived nonexistent threats.

Though Smarzik writes about a highly scientific approach to creativity, her writing style is conversational and at the level of understanding of most non-professional readers.

What I took away from this book is much, but one thing I will hold onto on a daily basis is the following statement: “You do have the ability toexperience effortlessness, timelessness, and endless energy with no only your endeavors but also your everyday life.”


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