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Repost: Writing link: The Etymology Dictionary

Have you ever wondered what lies behind a word, not just the meaning found in a dictionary, but its history or story of how it came to be? That’s where etymology comes in.

Check out the Etymology Dictionary.

For example, take the word “gadget”, this is what it says:

“1886, gadjet (but said to date […]

Repost: The English Language and Spelling

Modern science provided us with a universal method of studying and mastering any subject. This method, highly successful in music, wasn’t applied to language because there was a fixed method of language study in existence long before modern science appeared. The problem with that old system — it was invented to apply to languages with […]

Repost: Some thoughts on writing and speaking

Language is no more than a medium. If it is perfectly clear and pure, we don’t notice it any more than we notice pure air when the sun is shining in a clear sky, or the taste of pure cool water when we drink a glass on a hot day. Unless the sun is shining, […]