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Help me welcome back Karina Fabian with her latest book Mind Over Mind

Wow, you’re in for a treat today. Not only do I have an interview with Karina, but I also have a brand new trailer for this newest book of hers. So how about I start with the trailer. Enjoy, we’ll be back shortly.

Okay, we’re back. Welcome back Karina. I think we’ve kept our visitors waiting long enough so shall we proceed right into the interview?

GO: Karina, all good stories originate somewhere. How did this one get started?

KF: It really was a boy-meets-alien-girl/boy-turns-hero kind of story when I first wrote it, but that was too small an idea.  When I looked at the manuscript a decade after I’d written it, I realized the main characters were wrong.  No one suddenly gets psychic powers and goes on to have a normal, even cool, life.  So I thought hard about what it would really be like to be telekinetic–and to have no filters.  It was harrowing!  That’s why the story became a trilogy.  In Mind Over Mind, Deryl’s got to find his way back to sanity and some semblance of normality before he can even think of finding the alien girl, much less becoming a hero.

GO: You write about fantasy with unusual characters, has this ever caused you to have nightmares and if so what was your most frightening nightmare?

KF: I don’t usually dream about my characters or my books, that I remember, anyway.  My nightmares are more mundane–arguing with my father, failing at something, or the car-is-out-of-control kind of dreams. (Incidentally, the worst that ever happens in the car dreams is that I get scared.  No one ever gets hurt.  I take that as a sign that God’s watching over me, and my subconscious knows it, too.)

I do have weird, storylike dreams at times.  This week, I had a dream about a land-based race of people at war with the sea people.  (I was on the land side.)  The land people had a potion, but I was telling them not to use it.  Even as I was talking, someone poured two drops into the sea, and it contaminated the entire sea, killing the sea people and everything else in it.  I was so mad.  I told the person she just hurt (and potentially killed) the land people in that area because she’d poisoned all the fish they would eat, too.  I woke up as we were doing damage control.

GO: What do you enjoy the most, and the least about writing as a profession?

KF: The most, playing with ideas and characters.  And I end up learning the most esoteric stuff, like how to move in zero gravity, the legend of Coyote who turned himself into a grandmother so he could dance with the girls, how exterminators in California get their licenses–stuff I’d never dream of looking up except I needed it for a story.

The worst is marketing.  I don’t mind doing it, and even enjoy it sometimes–like doing book tours–but there’s not concrete way to measure my success, so I often feel like I’m shooting in the dark, and I really prefer to know what I do has an effect.

GO: What drives your stories?

KF: The characters, definitely.  I love living out different lives, and having them take me along on their adventures.

GO: Can you share your next project with us?

KF: My next novel coming is Live and Let Fly, the long-awaited second book in the DragonEye, PI universe.  Vern is a dragon working as a private detective in our world.  Sister Grace, a Church mage, is his partner.  In Live and Let Fly, they uncover a plot to create a second portal into the Faerie universe, this one specifically to bring the worst beings of Norse mythology into our world and usher in Armageddon.  It comes out April 2012 from MuseItUp.

Writing-wise, I’m finishing the second in the Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator series, I Left My Brains in San Francisco. It’s 30 years in the future, and zombies are an international pest, not unlike rats.  Neeta and her partner, Ted go to a zombie exterminators convention in San Francisco.  It’s supposed to be a working vacation–until rabid environmentalist zombies come crawling out of the ocean.  Some vacation!

GO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a writer?

KF: You know, everyone asks that.  Really, the best advice is write–don’t make excuses, don’t get intimidated.  Write, then figure out what to do with the story later.  The first draft of Mind Over Mind (then a single novel called The Miscria) was so shallow and trite, I laugh to think I ever thought it would get published.  The result of much work later is an awesome trilogy I’m thrilled to see in print.

GO:  What is your definition of success?

KF: Fulfilling your worth as a human being.  For me, that means raising my children to be responsible adults, supporting my husband in his career, keeping a good home, and writing books that give people a few hours of escapist fun and/or help them in some way.

GO:  How do you describe your style of writing?

KF: Ecclectic:  I’ve written everything from comedic horror (Neeta Lyffe) to gripping fantasy (Mind Over Mind) to spiritual devotionals (Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life).

Bizarre:  zombie extermination?  Dragons as noir-style private eyes? Nuns in space?  I love to put new twists on old ideas.

Spiritual:  I believe faith is part of the human experience, so I don’t shy away from religion in my stories.  I don’t preach, but if a character needs to pray or to define his morals as coming from God, I’m not stopping them from expressing that, either.

GO:  What is your favorite self-marketing idea?

KF: Glad you said “favorite” and not most effective.  My favorite is to make book trailer videos.  I love playing with ideas and the combination of music and pictures.

GO: What is your writer life philosophy?

KF: Write what you love; love what you write.  Don’t make excuses to not write.

Thanks for joining us today Karina, before we go can you tell my readers where they can purchase Mind Over Mind?

KF: My book is available at Amazon and Kindle. You can also order it from your favorite bookstores by giving the ISBN:  978-1897942369.

Well, thanks for joining us here today. Can’t wait till the next one is out next year. Come back and visit us then too.

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