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Karina Fabian is back again with her new book Live and Let Fly

Karina Fabian author of Live and Let Fly I’d like to welcome Karina back for another visit. This time I asked her to share what  Vern    and his friends were up to between the first book and this new one. Here is  what she shares about this time period. Let’s welcome Karina, Vern, and the rest of the crew.

GO: Hi Karina, do you want to introduce Vern and the other characters or do you want to just hand over the podium to them?

KF: Thanks for having us here today. Since it’s about them, I’ll let them speak for themselves, so here we go. Vern, bring out everyone and get to it.

VERN: [Hi Gloria. Hi everyone.] We came home from Florida to discover the roof had a leak.

SISTER GRACE:  Aye, that bad, but more importantly, we spent the next several months working with the US government and the Elvish tribes over the problem with scanatine-flavored drinks.

VERN:  Could have done it in two weeks if we’d just let the elves drink some.

Grace:  Vern!

VERN:  Just saying there are times when a hyped-up brain and an accelerated time sense could come in handy.  We spent a lot of time doing work we didn’t get paid for–work that could have fixed the hole in the roof.  We found all kinds of drips after that hailstorm in September…

HEATHER HASKEL (aka RHODA DAKOTA):  September!  That’s when I got my first letter from Charlie.  Why did it take you so long to write, honey-bunchkins?

CHARLIE WILMOT:  My love, a big music star like you, interested in a herald from a small duchy?  It was too much to hope for.  If the duchess hadn’t pushed me, I hate to think–

HEATHER:  We might never have met.  I’m going to thank her again.

VERN:  …and all my bedding got soaked.  Took forever to dry.  Some of it got ruined…

SISTER GRACE:  It was a difficult winter, but at least it kept the Despredatores at home.  Things were rather peaceful.

VERN:  Which is bad for business.  We didn’t get the loan for the roof.

HEATHER:  Stan, what about you?

RAKNESS, STAN RAKNESS:  Sorry.  Classified.

SISTER GRACE:  The parish came and helped us fix it.  It was a wonderful Christmas present.

VERN:  Yeah–out in 30-degree weather, breathing fire on the roof like some kind of draconian welding torch.  Did I mention that I’m a warm-climate dragon?  Bad enough we had to deal with the snow–

CHARLIE:  And you wrote that song for me at Christmas–and it made #1.  I was in heaven for a week because you’d said you loved me.

HEATHER: (giggle) It was the only way I could; my parents were so worried about us, even if we hadn’t met yet.  But that Valentine’s Day–

CHARLIE:  Best day of my life.

SISTER GRACE:  And the Christian Brothers bought that lot in Territory.  It’ll be good to have a Catholic school there.  Especially with that Real Humans gang in town now.  (Sigh)  They’re going to be trouble, ’tis a fact.

RAKNESS, STAN RAKNESS:  In fact, I can neither confirm nor deny I was in the country…

VERN:  Come March, that windstorm blew off the repairs and I had to go flying after it.

HEATHER:  That’s when I signed the contract for Live and Let Fly.  I was so excited, but the best part was being in Los Lagos, nearer my Charlie.  Then that paparazzi caught us kissing, and we went public with our courtship!

CHARLIE:  One moment of indiscretion.  I don’t regret it at all.

SISTER GRACE:  I think Gloria was asking about what cases we handled over the past couple of years.

RAKNESS, STAN RAKNESS:  Sorry.  If I told you, I’d have to kill you.  National security, you know.

VERN:  What did we do?  I just remember battling the drips.  Lots of drips.

SISTER GRACE:  Yes, the roof had deteriorated.

VERN:  Yeah, the drips in the roof, too.  That was one good thing that came out of Live and Let Fly.  We got a new roof.  I love that roof.

SISTER GRACE:  Aye, me, too.


GO: Well now you all know what Vern and his friends were up to, but wait, you still have to learn about their next adventure and the only way to do that is to read their book. So let me tell you where you can get a copy.

First, here’s a short excerpt to whet your interest:

Festival was Friday. We had two days to stop a Nordic demigod evil overlord—overlady, overbeing, whatever—from blowing up a nuclear power plant, possibly destroying half an island full of revelers in the process, and creating an Interdimensional Gap through which she can bring the rest of her giant relatives to set up housekeeping where the Faerie Catholic Church didn’t have the power to control them. In other words, two days until Hel broke loose.

I’ve had worse deadlines. I could afford a long bath in our whirlpool tub and a good meal first.


Want more? Due out next Friday April 20, 2012 at the MuseItUp Publishing bookstore.

You can find Karina at the following:

Website: http://fabianspace.com, http://dragoneyepi.net

Blog:  http://fabianspace.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karina.fabian

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/KarinaFabian

Google +:  https://plus.google.com/103660024891826015212

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