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Red Hot Internet Publicity: an insider’s guide to marketing

Penny C. Sansevieri
Red Hot Internet Publicity: an insider’s guide to marketing
your book on the Internet
Cosimo Books, 2009, 275 pages, $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-60520-724-7
(Nonfiction, publicity, marketing)

“Nowadays, it’s no longer a matter of whether you can
get published, it’s a matter of getting you book noticed.”

Sansevieri covers everything an author needs to plan a
successful publicity campaign. Red Hot Internet Publicity
covers everything from A to Z: from understanding social
media, to taking your book on tour on the Net, to building
an effective Website and all the way to automation.

It is always good to use more than one source as a
reference, but if you can’t afford more than one, this is
the one to get.

Sansevieri tells us that the trick to effective manipulation of
the Net is to find your potential customers by interesting
them in your book because it’s what they wanted to begin
with. Today this is best done by using Web 2.0, the
consumer driven Net. The important thing is to create
consumer buzz, toot your horn in the right places and
the media will catch up with you.

Working on a website and can’t decide what colors to
use? Let Sansevieri solve your problem with the color
guide in her book. Colors send messages so use them

Most important is to remember to take it step by step.
follow the steps in this book and you’re sure to see a
change. Now I’m off to walk the talk, and follow the
traffic driving tasks to increase traffic to my revised sites.

I previously took this workshop topic presented by the
author at the Muse Online Writers Conference and later
at the Willamette Writers Conference. I had to have this
wonderful resource so I could turn to it whenever I have
a question about something related to publicity. I highly
recommend this as the “Bible of Publicity” which should
find a place in every writer’s bookshelf.

Visit Penny Sansevieri at

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