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Repost: Book Review–Quo Vadis, Israel? by H. Peter Nenhaus

H. Peter Nennhaus
Quo Vadis, Israel?
Outskirts Press Inc., 2008, 113 pages, $11.95
ISBN: 978 -1- 4327- 1459 – 8
Current Events, Jewish

“Within the turmoil of fears, fury, self-righteous fervor and demonization, nobody in Israel worth his salt would willingly embark on a campaign of atonement.”

As I began reading Nennhaus’s book I had no idea where it would lead. Why? Simply because I didn’t know that Quo Vadis meant “Where are you going?” Throughout the entire book there is no explanation as to why the author chose to use Latin, a language no longer in use, in the title, nor did Nennhaus give the phrases meaning. After reading this book and still confused about its meaning I Googled the term to learn what it meant. Furthermore, as a title – Where are You Going, Israel? – as someone who has lived in Israel for fifteen years including the period of the Yom Kippur War, I say to everyone that Israel isn’t going anywhere. Whether you like it or not the state of Israel is here to stay.

Nennhaus’s solution of moving the land of Israel to the Kaliningrad Oblast is a joke because it isn’t even up for sale; at least I could find no proof of this claim. In 2002 the Deputy Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast, Vladimir N. Prudnikov said, “From 1991 when the market transformation started in Russia, Kaliningrad Oblast is developing as one of the centers for the Russian Federation’s integration into European economy. This was precisely the original concept aimed at developing the region as a bridge connecting the economies of Russia and Europe.”

Why would any country put money into large-scale developing of an area they supposedly would be willing to part with, especially when it is the only non-freezing port on the Baltic Sea? If that is too old proof that it isn’t for sale, Kaliningrad hosted the Belarus exhibition just two months ago [Feb 2008]. Sorry but Kaliningrad will never be the new Jewish homeland, though it may once again come to be known as Koenigsburg.

To clarify the main point in the issue I’ll paraphrase the words of a man I highly admire and listen to on a regular basis, Mr. Dennis Praeger, who said just a few days ago on his talk radio show “Israel has always been the land of the Jews known as the first Jewish commonwealth (the First Temple), the second Commonwealth (the Second Temple), and now the state of Israel. There will never, ever be an Israel without Jerusalem. The proof of our existence on the land of Israel was shown many times through archaeological digs. Israel was never, ever, ever Palestine.”

Nennhaus assigns twenty-nine pages to the Kaliningrad Oblast, more than any number of pages allocated to any chapter in the book relating to the topic of the solution to the Israel-Arab conflict. I found this very distracting and it left me wondering whether he really knew what he was talking about.

This is what Israel is really about:
• Pre-statehood we overcame Pharaoh, the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the Pogroms in Russia
• Over 60+ years ago the Nazis herded the Jews like sheep to slaughter. We survived.
• With statehood but no army, Israel, a new state with 650,000 Jews, was attacked by seven Arab nations. Israel’s population was a tough people with nowhere to go but we prevailed. We still are a tough people and we will prevail again.
• Israel became a state on land which was mostly desert. Look at it today. Proof of survival.
• Three of the strongest armies in the Middle East, bearing modern armies and Soviet Russian weapons, attacked Israel in what became the Six Day War (1967). Israel prevailed.
• Today Israel is a thriving country, with its own army, a strong Air Force and a high-tech economy. Israel exports millions worldwide. Large U.S. companies such as Intel, Microsoft and IBM develop their products in Israel
• As stated on the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, “From state-of-the-art surgical lasers and intelligent sensors to unique computerized monitoring systems, Israeli devices save lives every day.” Have you heard about the Pillcam? Guess what – it was developed in Israel.
• The only countries in the world to send satellites into space were the U.S., Russia, China, France, England, Germany and Israel.
• The world’s nuclear power family includes the US, Russia, China, India, France, England and Israel. (Israel doesn’t admit it but everyone knows it)

Look back at history. Every nation or culture that messed with the Jewish people was destroyed – but we survived and thrived. If you doubt this than try to answer the following questions: Where has the Egyptian empire disappeared? What about the Romans – who speaks Latin these days? Any news about the Third Reich today? The Jewish people are a Nation from the Bible. From the slavery in Egypt to this day we still speak the same language. Yes our morale is low, so what? Wouldn’t yours be, too, if you were losing so many innocent people including children? But we still celebrate festivals, go on living, and visit friends. We will overcome and win after all. Israel is here to stay, where it is, not in the Kaliningrad Oblast.

Till next time,


1 comment to Repost: Book Review–Quo Vadis, Israel? by H. Peter Nenhaus

  • Gloria Oren

    Cheryl said…
    Excellent review, Gloria. I love reading an opposing point of view on topics such as these.
    Thanks for taking the time to read Peter’s book.

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