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Repost: Happy Birthday to Me [6-12-08]

Well today I turn 53 and my daughter graduates from University on Saturday.

Am I feeling old? You bet. Where have all those years gone?

The last four just seemed to whip by in such haste.

Yet I can’t fool anyone, not even myself, the age itself isn’t old, it’s the body’s feeling and what it has had to deal with that makes me feel that way today.

Last June I had a spinal fusion and was out of work for six weeks recovering. A reward for that was a trip to the East Coast (Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

A month ago I said goodbye to the rest of the teeth on my lower jaw which were replaced with an over denture. It has been a nightmare since. First of all I was supposed to be able to eat normally within two to three weeks, but now, more than a month this is still not happening. I have lost extra weight and am not happy about it. I need to be at least 6 lbs more than I currently am. Second there were supposed to be only two or three adjustments to the over denture but I have been going in on a weekly basis. Seems that once it is adjusted and feels good, I go home and try to eat dinner, the next day or two it shifts again and doesn’t feel right. Third with my daughter’s graduation and a hectic few months ahead I shouldn’t have to be thinking about this.

So remember the song “I’ll cry if I want to”, well with tears of frustration, and of joy, I will allow myself to cry if and when I want to and try to enjoy my birthday as best I can.

Have a great day.

Till next time,


1 comment to Repost: Happy Birthday to Me [6-12-08]

  • Gloria Oren

    Zebee said…
    Happy Birthday Gloria! I’m six days behind you and the same age. I agree that the body gets old faster than we want it to. Sorry for the problems you’ve had. It will get better. Now, go out and celebrate!
    Joy aka Zebee or is it the other way around?

    Gloria said…
    Thanks, I’m saving the celebrating for before my daughter’s graduation.

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