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Repost: VBT Guest Blogger–Lea Schizas discusses her book Rock of Realm

Before I welcome Lea to join us, I must say that if you haven’t yet met her, you’ve been missing out. Lea is one incredible woman. Lea is everything to everyone who knows her. From the members of the Muse Online Conference to the members of her many critique groups she is known as the Mother Hen. So when I say you’re in for a treat today I truly mean it.

I would now like to introduce to you Lea Schizas who never fails to surprise those who know her.

Welcome Lea, it is my pleasure to have you visit today.

Hello Gloria and thank you for hosting my book tour today.

The Rock of Realm, aimed for anyone between 8 and 208, was extremely fun to write. This was one of those books where the characters whispered, yelled, screamed, and ordered me around. they dictated where they wanted to go, what they wanted to say, and what they wanted to do. Surprisingly, I came out of this unharmed.

“Um, what are you trying to say?”

Why, hello Pops. Didn’t know you were going to be here, as well.

“Well, duh, you thought you were going to talk about us and we’d just leave you be?”

Gloria, I’d like to introduce you to Pops, the squirrel, my a la Billy Crystal character.

“I’m real…not a character.”

Anyway…Pops is Butch’s pet. Butch is…

“An overgrown, ordering German Shepherd who I’m about fed…um, Lea, is Butch here today?”

Pops also likes to shoot his mouth and gets into trouble at times.

“I’m loving this. Finally someone tunes into this nut’s antics.”

And this is Jinx, the six-legged hamster who is our fearless guide throughout Rock Kingdom. And Pops, no comments, please.

The story finds Alexandra Stone, the main character, and her best friend, Sarah Breckinridge, reciting a chant taught to them by their English teacher. Suddenly, the two of them, along with Butch and Pops, find themselves in this whole new world.

“Freaky place.”

“Only to outsiders.”


“Well, he criticized my home.”

Alexandra Stone discovers a secret her parents kept from her…that she is the Princess to Rock Kingdom. This hurts and angers her but she pulls herself together in order to find a way to get her friends back to their world.

“I love Alex.”

“Me, too.”

Gloria, that’s the first time these two have agreed on anything. Getting back to Rock Kingdom, the only safe haven where Alex can recite the chant that brought them there in the first place is in the Majesty Bedroom. But in order to get there they will have to face several dangerous obstacles and adventures.

“Please, stop, I don’t want to remember them.”

The Braks, the villain’s soldiers, are hot on their trail which adds more suspense, more adventure, and a whole lot of excitement as the story unfolds with plenty twists and turns…

“To make you toss your guts.”

Well, not exactly, but enough to get your stomach all in knots. This is the first book in the series which introduces most of the characters and part of the landscape of Rock Kingdom. In each book, which presently I’ve all ready mapped out until Book 4, will bring you new areas within Rock Kingdom, new characters to shed light on some of the villains and the reasons for their behavior, and the reasons why Alex’s parents kept this world from her.

“There’s a book 2? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cos you’re not important. I knew.”

I want to thank you, Gloria, for having me here today and looking forward to answering and reading comments from your readers. One lucky reader will win my Rock of Realm ebook just by leaving me a comment or question.

I’ll take the boys now out of your blog.

“Bye, G.”

“It was my pleasure meeting you, my dear lady.”

“Oh stop the suck up.”

And there you have it. Lea, thanks for this wonderful description of your book the Rock of Realm. Better find time to read the rest of it, sounds exciting. Well now it’s time to get your comments posted for a chance to win this wonderful ebook from Lea and almost time for me to leave for work. Have a great day everyone and I will check in to read your comments later.

Till next time

1 comment to Repost: VBT Guest Blogger–Lea Schizas discusses her book Rock of Realm

  • Gloria Oren

    Reposted comments from old page:

    Lea Schizas – Author/Editor said…
    Thank you,Gloria for hosting me today. And I hope Pops and Jinx weren’t too distracting to anyone.

    Vivian said…
    Very interesting and different from the other blog tour stops.
    I enjoyed reading this very much.

    Chris said…
    Hi Lea:
    I’m fascinated by the six-legged hamster — and not only because I have a fantasy novel due out in about a year that features six-legged riding animals.

    I did question my vet (well, the vet who treats our dogs) about a possible bone structure. Not possible to copy insects because they have exo-skeletons. He suggested they should have two pairs of shoulders, but I guess the cover artist will have the biggest concern. I will insist on Cerefrus (nickname Six-Legs) my female lead’s mount being on the cover.

    My concept for the six-legged pickabacks came from a knowledge that six wheels on the ground are better on rough terrain than a 4×4. I merely extended that thought to six legs. Where did your idea come from?


    Jessica Kennedy said…
    Who came up with pulling your characters into the interview? I fell in love with them both when I read the book.
    Jessica Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer

    Anonymous said…
    The Mother Hen outdid herself with this interview. What a clever way to introduce some of her characters. Has Billy Crystal asked to do a voiceover for the movie?

    One of the Chicklets,

    Joy said…
    Wow Lea! Sounds very interesting. Loved the way you included some of the characters in your interview. Good luck on the series.

    Lea Schizas – Author/Editor said…
    Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by and visiting today.

    Chris: my idea for Jinx, my six-legged hamster came about–
    “When she saw how cute I was and just knew that she had to have me as her star.”
    Well, let’s say that’s about right.
    “Sure, give him status and shove me behind Butch’s a–”

    Jessica: I had no clue these two comedians were going to follow me here on Gloria’s blog, honestly. Ever since I began writing the second book in the Rock of Realm series, they’ve begun to pop in–
    “Get used to it.”
    “I’m here to stay.”
    “WE’RE here to stay.”
    “Like I said, I’M here to stay.”

    BARB: If I can get Billy and Robin Williams to meet Pops and Jinx, I am sure they will love to do their voices.
    “Billy who?”
    “Robin who?”

    JOY: Thank you, JOy, but believe me when I say my characters follow me, I don’t invite them. 🙂

    Lea Schizas

    susie hawes said…
    Sweet! I loved the way the character kept putting in his two cents. 😀

    Michele Graf said…
    Great interview! Can you arrange one with Butch soon? I’d like to get his take on Sarah. Dustin Hoffman comes to mind for Butch’s voice.

    Alex will have to play herself in the movie! I’m stuck in the forest with them right now.

    Jan Verhoeff said…
    Awesome interview, although, I’m still having trouble with the literary muse that turned these stray creatures lose on civilized society. There’s a problem there somewhere!
    Jan Verhoeff

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