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Repost: Writing link: The Etymology Dictionary

Have you ever wondered what lies behind a word, not
just the meaning found in a dictionary, but its history
or story of how it came to be? That’s where etymology
comes in.

Check out the Etymology Dictionary.

For example, take the word “gadget”, this is what it says:

“1886, gadjet (but said to date back to 1850s), sailors’
slang word for any small mechanical thing or part of a ship
for which they lacked, or forgot, a name. . . .”

or “happy hour”–“early evening period of discount drinks and
free hors-d’oeuvres at a bar” is first recorded 1961.”

Hmm . . . Wonder what it was called before 1961. Anyone want
to give a guess? Leave a comment. Also check it out. Find
something you’d like to share, post a comment.

Till next time

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