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Norma Jean's Sun
Wonderfully written memoir portraying the true spirit of motherhood and the triumph over life's hardships and suffering for her son.

Adoption Detective
Very well done. Carefully structured step-by-step process of searching without information that could lead to success as it did for her.Her rough start gave her determination to push on. To one day accomplish her goal. And she did.

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Book Review: Norma Jean’s Sun by Kris Courtney

Norma Jean’s Sun Kris Courtney Charleston, SC Harvard Girl Word Services First edition 2009 287 pages $19.95 ISBN: 05780205099 or 978-0578020594

“It took every ounce of medical training and experience for the doctor to summon the courage [to tell the parents] the circumstances demanded.”

Norma had what anyone could call a normal birthing, but it […]