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Wednesday Writer Spotlight: Interview with Stan Hampton Sr.

Today we are welcoming our first Wednesday Writer Spotlight guest Stan Hampton Sr. who is touring his eBook Better than a Rabbit’s Foot, published by Muse It Up Publishing. Here is a bit about Stan and the cover of the book, before we move on to an interview with him and an excerpt from […]

Repost: Christina Katz talks about the writer’s platform

Good morning everyone

Today I have a treat for you. I have been reading Christina’s e-zines for a long time, and had the honor of meeting her face-to-face on May 5th when she held a workshop at our local library in Bellevue, WA. When the opportunity to host an interview with her came up, I […]

Repost: Interview with Kathryn Porter

Well it’s my second chance to host an interview for another wonderful writer I met on the Muse Conference Online last Oct. For anyone interested, registration for the 2007 conference is going on now. You can get there by visiting my website and clicking on the logo. Now to today’s topic of the interview: de-cluttering. […]

Repost: Dec 2006 Interview with Karina Fabian

I am honored to host an interview, on the topic of writing with children around, with Karina Fabian, author of Infinite Space, Infinite God, as part of her Virtual Tour. Join me in welcoming Karina to Gloria’s Corner.

Good morning Karina and thanks for giving me this opportunity. Let’s get straight to the interview.

Gloria: […]