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Wednesday Writer Spotlight – Heather Greenis

Hello again, this week I am welcoming Heather Greenis to Gloria’s Corner. Heather left the corporate world after fifteen years in the world of finance. Her inspiration came from the stories her clients shared during those years.

Her book, Natasha’s Dream, to be published by Muse It Up Publishing, is due out June 21, 2013.

So let’s get to the interesting part – the interview.

GO: What was your path to publication?

HG: My husband actually suggested I write. I have an active imagination, and dream most nights. We normally discuss the dreams the following day, just like my character Keeghan does. Once I got started, writing became an addictive hobby. I love it. The entire 4 part series took 10 years to write. Lots of editing and rewriting. I’m still editing the final book in the series.

GO: What is your favorite self-marketing idea?

HG: Friends – I’m involved in my community so I’m hoping they spread the word on my behalf. So far, they’ve made announcements on my behalf, something I couldn’t do.

GO: What were the biggest surprises you’ve encountered as a writer?

HG: The required time for responses. I sent my original manuscript to three publishers. I heard back from the first after six weeks. They were interested in my style of writing, not this book. Not enough of a romance for them. They asked me to keep them in mind for future manuscripts.

After nine months of waiting I’d given up on the other two publishers. I told my husband I’d wait until after Christmas and start sending out my manuscript again. What an amazing shock when I received the e-mail from the publisher at MuseitUp in November, nine months after submission.

GO: How do you inspire yourself? What are your sources of creativity?

HG: So far, life inspires me. Events that happen around me. My husband will read a section in a book and say ‘I remember that.’

I don’t watch a lot of television but enjoy programs that are educational. Programs that discuss current events. I listen to a lot of talk radio.

GO: What is your proudest moment as a writer?

HG: During my last communication with my editor, Teale told me she made a note requesting first dibs on future manuscripts from me. That made my day. I enjoyed working with my editors. It was a far better experience then I expected.

GO: What’s the best advice you were given about writing?

HG: The best advice came from my husband. At the beginning he told me ‘Don’t worry about the beginning. Just start writing.’ The ending of ‘Natasha’s Dream’ inspired the book. It was the first thing I wrote although it saw a lot of edits. If it hadn’t been for my husband, this book/series wouldn’t exist.

GO: What was your most embarrassing writer moment?

HG: I sent a not so friendly letter to my publisher before I received my congratulations email telling my they accepted my submission. Ooooops. Thanks Lea for having a heart and signing me!

GO: What business challenges have you faced as a writer?

HG: Time. Time to spend marketing. I’m shy, so bragging about something so personal is difficult to impossible. Thank goodness for social media. I get to do it from the comforts of my home.

GO: What is your writer life philosophy?

HG: Life is short. Do what you enjoy, for as long as you enjoy doing it. I hope I continue enjoying this passion for many years to come.

Write when you’re inspired to do so, take breaks to clear your mind when needed. Play with the dog. Our little fluff-ball keeps us smiling and laughing.

GO: When you’re not writing what do you do for fun?

HG: I love gardening. Living on an acre of property, it isn’t hard to find something to do.

We love to travel. Throw a dart at the globe and count me in. My camera is charged and ready to go.

During the winter, I’m actively involved in our local Curling club. I play on social leagues, a competitive league and I head our ‘juniors’ program. Classes are once a week for two hours running late October through March. The winter months fly by. Last year three other coaches and I taught a group of 30 kids ranging in ages between 6 and 16. We had a blast with a great group of kids. Someday I will be watching a major curling event on television and say, “There is … I taught him or her.

Last month I learned how to golf. Now I know why curlers golf.

I’m involved in the Healing Cycle – Hospice Palliate Care.

I plan to begin volunteering at my local hospice, dedicating a few hours a week to support this cause even further. Our goal is to ensure every person, regardless of wealth and status has access to a dignified death surrounded by people that love them. Jack Layton’s last hours were a perfect send off.

To wrap up today’s visit, I will leave you with a blurb from Natasha’s Dream that Heather has shared with us.

Noticing the sun was lowering in the sky, Natasha announced it was time to depart. Stewart jumped up and extended his hand to assist her to her feet. She stared at it, unsure how to react. Given her royal status, it wasn’t proper to allow any young man, especially a commoner, to touch her.

“Natasha,” he pleaded. “Allow me to assist you.”

Natasha looked into the compassionate glow of his eyes. She debated on the wisdom of allowing a commoner to touch her. It would be far more civilized to rise with his assistance. She moved her hand, allowing it to rest in his, and rose to her feet. Stewart crouched and retrieved his school book.

“I’ve intruded upon your studies,” she groaned, ashamed of herself. “I’ve been inconsiderate of your time.”

“Not at all. I welcome the company when it is accompanied by such a beautiful face and pleasant conversation. No regrets. I’ll complete my reading this evening. Will I see you tomorrow?”

Natasha looked up, glad to see white fluffy clouds. It would be difficult to justify a day outdoors if it rained or became nasty.

“Unless the weather becomes inclement.”

“Mind your manners,” he ordered as he tilted his head upward.

She chuckled. He was lecturing the sky.

“I will be praying for a drought,” he admitted, and then winked. “Allow me the privilege of walking you home.”

Sighing, she knew that was one request she could never allow, for she could not divulge her true identity. If she did, and her father discovered the truth of how she spent her time, she would be confined to the castle. Nothing could be more dreadful.

“I regret, I must decline. I enjoy the solitude of the walk, and you could use the time on your studies.”

She turned and began her journey back to the castle.

Natasha’s Dream will be available at



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