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Wednesday Writer Spotlight – Linda Kedy

As we approach June which celebrates cancer survival, I am privileged today to host a special guest Linda Kedy. Her book Cancer Is Great for Your Health published Dec. 2012 tells Linda’s story. Linda, like myself, is a cancer survivor. Linda wrote her book because she wanted to help support others diagnosed with the big C and to show them that survival is a possibility.

Linda graduated with a degree in engineering. Left with a four-year-old daughter after an unsuccessful marriage she and her daughter moved to Israel where she lived for about ten years. She was offered a position in the U.S. and made her way to Florida as a single mom of two, now, and became a home-based business trainer.  Today she is also a life and health coach.

Join me in welcoming Linda to Gloria’s Corner.

GO: What drives your stories?

LK: Personal experiences.

GO: Do you start with the characters or the plot?

LK: I start with the outcome I’m looking to achieve, and then break it down into the actions (plot).

GO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a writer?

LK: Think about what really inspires you, and then commit to a daily practice to write, preferably in a different location from where you do the rest of your activities.

GO: Why does career envy seem to be more of a psychological burden for writers than for those in other occupations?

LK: I believe this is true when writers feel thet must produce a #1 best seller.

GO: What is your definition of success?

LK: The gratification of knowing I have made a positive difference in the lives of my readers.

GO: How do you describe your style of writing?

 LK:  Simplistic, so my readers can say, “Oh, that makes complete sense–I can do that”

GO: What is your writing process?

LK: A commitment of two hours a day at Starbucks.

GO: What was your path to publication?

LK: Sharing the draft with friends I respect, many of whom are authors, and asking them for publishing suggestions.

GO: What is your favorite self-marketing idea?

LK: My personal database of 7,000 + who have been reading my e-zines for fifteen years and Facebook.

GO: What are the biggest surprises you’ve encountered as a writer?

LK: My ability to write! Creative writing was my worst subject in school!

To purchase this book visit Linda on Amazon.

Another book you might consider while over there at Amazon is Lavender Dreams an anthology put together by several MuseItUp authors in memory of one of our editors who lost her battle with this disease. I am one of these authors. The purchase of this anthology will help these authors contribute to cancer related institutions and organizations annually by way of dedicating their royalties from this book for that cause.

Linda, thanks for stopping by today. It was a pleasure having you here.

Till next time,


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