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Wednesday Writer Spotlight – Miki Z. Bell

Join me in welcoming a lady I met online not too long ago. Her debut, an autobiography titled A Life of Many Colors: From Israel to America has just come out and is available on Amazon.com Miki is a fascinating lady who says she’s “79 years young.” With an attitude like that how can you not want to read about her?

GO: Tell us a bit about your book.

MB: My book is an autobiography. I have had a life similar to a roller coaster ride. I thought it would be inspirational. Every person has a book within them, I wanted to share mine.

GO: What is your writing schedule like?

MB: It took me approximately three years to complete my book. During the three years I had periods that I did not write, however towards the end I would sit by my computer about eight hours a day just typing away, and not feeling
the hours pass by.

GO: Where can readers learn more about you and your work?

MB: The readers can check my web page: http://mikizbell.com, or they can e-mail me at bell321@bellsouth.net, or go to my FB page. I am now retired and am a young seventy-nine year old lady who just wrote her first book.

GO: What were the best and worst bits of writing advice you’ve ever been given?

MB: The best advice was to just start writing and also to create chapter headings, and then fill in the info. I had no worst advice.

GO: Who has inspired you in your writing?

MB: My life inspired me to share my story.

GO: Did you choose the writing profession or did it choose you?

MB: I did the writing myself, and had it edited when it was complete.

GO: What is your background?

MB: My background is quite unconventional. I was born in Israel, which was Palestine at the time in 1934. My parents were divorced when I was five and a half, was kidnapped by my father and molested by an uncle. At the age of twelve I decided to quit school and became an adult.

With a seventh grade formal education, life became my school. I worked as a seamstress, hairdresser, police officer, an air hostess, a Realtor, a business owner serving the convention industry, and a director of a homeopathic enterprise.  I was elected a Georgia Delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business during Reagan’s presidency, and on and on.

I am told that my book reads like the reader is having a conversation with me. It is an easy read and is inspirational. The reader learns that a determined mind coupled with a positive attitude can accomplish much at any age.

My story ranges from Tel Aviv to Atlanta, noting public and historic events en route.

GO: When did you “know” you were a writer?

MB: For the past fifteen years I had wanted to write my life’s story, I started several times, but stopped after the first fifteen pages. I did not know I was a writer, but am so happy to have written my book, and hear how much people enjoy reading my story.

GO: How would you describe your style of writing?

MB: I would describe my style of writing as Conversational.

GO: What is your next project?

MB: My next project is promoting my book, and networking with other authors.

You can find Miki’s book at Amazon.com

Have you ever considered writing a memoir or autobiography? Share your answers below and you may win a packet of Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts.

Till next week,


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